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How to Apply Skin Foundation Makeup

Foundation is an important step to any makeup routine. Foundation comes in 3 forms: powder, cream and liquid. Applying foundation correctly evens skin tones and makes your skin look younger and smoother. Applying foundation is simple and compliments your skin and facial features



  1. Start with a clean face. Use a moisturizer before applying foundation to help it stay on longer.
  2. Choose a foundation color that is close to your own coloring. Do not choose a shade lighter or darker than your skin, or you will have a distinct line where the makeup ends.
  3. Start with a thin layer of foundation. Put a small amount of foundation on your index finger. Dab the foundation on your forehead, nose, chin and cheeks.
  4. Use your fingers to spread the foundation over your entire face. Smooth the foundation over your skin so that there are no visible spots of it left on your face.
  5. Add additional foundation to areas that need more coverage, and then smooth it with your fingers
  6. Complete